Water Treatment

Evonik provides an environmentally friendly solution for separating and removing heavy metals from the wastewater from numerous industry and industrial applications enabling strict environmental regulations to be met.

The care for water is a complex process that requires a variety of chemicals to modify the pH of the water and prevent the release of pollutants, such as heavy metals, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and pesticides, to maintain the health of its surrounding outlets. Chemical treatment of water is used for home consumption along with industries such as pharmaceutical, energy production, chemical manufacturing, pulp & paper production and more. 

Use of heavy metals is unavoidable in numerous branches of industry and industrial applications. Because heavy metals are usually extremely toxic to man and environment alike, strict environmental regulations are often enforced to limit their concentration in wastewater (and exhaust air). To comply with these regulations, the wastewater is usually neutralized with caustic soda solution or lime. The heavy metals precipitate as insoluble hydroxides and can thus be removed. However, these methods frequently fail, due to the presence of complexing agents that interfere with the precipitation of hydroxides, or even completely prevent it. 

To meet environmental regulation on wastewater heavy metal content, we’ve developed our ready-to-use TMT 15®. With favorable toxicological and ecological characteristics TMT 15® is a 15 % aqueous solution made up of trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt, an organo-sulfide which reacts with heavy metals to form an extremely stable, virtually insoluble heavy metal-TMT solid compound that is easy to separate.

Benefits of TMT 15® for all industrial wastewater applications

  • Produces good results even when hydroxide precipitation exhibits little or no effect
  • Proven technology used in several hundred plants for many years
  • Ready to use, odorless, safe to store and handle and effective over a wide pH-range
  • Easy to integrate into both batch and continuous processes
  • Metal-TMT compounds can be recycled or safely dumped in landfill
  • Avoids expensive secondary treatments
  • Thermally stable heavy metal-TMT compounds are suitable for spray-drying processes
  • Reliable maintenance of threshold values

Mainly used for wastewater treatment in combustion plants including incineration plants (domestic waste, biomass, refuse derivated fuel), special/hazardous waste incineration plants, coal fired power stations, flue gas scrub and condense water treatment and alkaline scrubbers (to minimize mercury emission, there are also other examples for the success of TMT 15®. These include the metal industry for electroplating shops and printed circuit boards as well as other industries with heavy metal wastewater challenges such as the chemicals, mining/smelter and photo industries.  

*Heavy metals are those defined as metals having natural elements with a high density (> 3,5 – 5 g/cm3) that can’t be degraded or destroyed, where only their chemical and physical properties can change.

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