Release Coatings

Evonik offers highly efficient UV curing release coatings and release liners for Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSA), tapes, hygiene products and many electronic, industrial and construction applications.

TEGO® RC Silicones cold cure release coatings enable the use of heat-sensitive substrates to offer performance advantages and new business opportunities. Film thickness of PE, PP or PVC films can be minimized to reduce cost and paper substrates do not need to be remoisturized and show absolute lay-flat performance. Fast cure makes it possible to use TEGO® RC Silicones for inline processes, together with adhesive coating, and very high line speeds can be achieved.

UV curing equipment is very compact, making it possible to retrofit existing coating and converting lines with siliconizing capabilities. Compared to traditional thermal ovens, UV curing equipment also saves money, space and energy. Additionally, many of our products have food contact approval (ISEGA, FDA/FCN) when formulated and cured as specified. Together with our customers, we work to select the appropriate silicone technology and product formulation, either radical curing silicone acrylates or cationic curing epoxy silicones.

Typical fields of application include, the production and application of label products, both with and without a liner, graphic arts, tapes, hygiene products, and many industrial and construction applications from electronic die cutting applications and composites to roofing, insulation and waterproofing products.

Benefits of free radical curing

  • Unlimited choice of substrates
  • Easily adjustable release values from premium to controlled release​ 
  • Compact, space saving curing units
  • Fast and robust cure for in-line adhesive applications​
  • Extremely fast cure without post-curing
  • Food contact approval (ISEGA, FDA/FCN) possible for many products when formulated as specified
  • Can save materials, improves waste management and better Co2 footprint 

Evonik is a proud member of Europe’s Leading Label Industry Initiative – CELAB - Circular Economy for Labels - an industry initiative aiming to build a Circular Economy for self-adhesive label materials in Europe. CELAB compromises of both large and small size companies along the value chain of label manufacturing. Topics like handling matrix waste and liner recycling are just two of the focus topics. As a participant of the CELAB-Europe project, Evonik shares the same vision of facilitating collaboration in creating a self-adhesive label industry which is increasingly circular by offering cost effective solutions and providing education to enable liner and matrix recycling.

Evonik plays an active role with FINAT - the European association for the self-adhesive label industry. FINAT's scope is to provide a networking platform for converters, suppliers, and indirect suppliers by representing members' interests and offers education and technical publications on the label industry. Not only does it provide a central source for industry information but, establishes and maintains industry-related best practices, standards, and test methods that represent the industry's views at the EU level. Throughout the years, Evonik is an active participant in its sub marketing and technical committees.

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