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Evonik offers a broad portfolio of specialty additives including process aids and performance additives for the pulp, paper and packaging industry.

Our outstanding application and process expertise for the pulp, paper and packaging industry is based on a broad technology platform of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified siloxanes. Our extensive product portfolio covers a variety of product solutions with specific application profiles to address almost all the complex needs of the modern tissue and fluff pulp industry.

From wet end softeners and debonders under our AROSURF®, VARISOFT®, and REWOQUAT® brand families, to innovative softeners and pulp and paper defoamers under the TEGOPREN® brand, we have the solutions and expertise our customers trust to support their market requirements.

Evonik high-performance additives portfolio for supporting the pulp and paper industry

  • Highly substantive wet end softeners/debonders with high, medium, and low debonding effect for premium to low sheet bulkiness across all qualities of feedstocks
  • Highly substantive softeners that have a low impact on tensile strength to achieve good machine runnability and excellent surface smoothness of the tissue
  • Substantive or non-substantive softeners for topical application on the sheet before the drying process combines moderate bulkiness with good tissue surface softness
  • Concentrates for converting softeners/lotions
  • Most of our products are now also food contact compliant with FDA and/or BfR or INCI listed for cosmetic ingredients.


Modern self-adhesive labels are produced using a siliconized carrier material on which our UV-hardened silicones are designed to ensure the label easily separates from the carrier material. The latest TEGO® RC silicone technology enables more ecological linerless labels that do not need a release liner. Not only does this increase the efficiency and flexibility in the labeling process, but it also improves the packaging industry’s ecological footprint by reducing waste and CO2 in the production process, logistics & transport, and waste disposal.

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