Plastics & Rubber

Evonik’s performance additives and dispersing agents for the plastics industry, and release and sliding agents for rubber goods improve the production process and final quality of thousands of products worldwide.

Faced with ongoing challenges around the cost and availability of raw materials and reducing energy use, the plastics industry also continues to come under increasing pressure to improve sustainability through better recycling, waste reduction and resource efficiency.  The only way to achieve all of this, especially today’s sustainability requirements is through continuous innovation.  To identify the emerging trends which helps us to predict the needs of the future, we invest heavily in research and development to develop the more sustainable next-generation solutions our customers require.

Our broad portfolio of liquid and solid additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters consist of:

  • TEGOMER® and TEGOPREN® performance additives for improving mechanical properties or processing parameters
  • TEGOMER® dispersing agents for pigments and fillers
  • ACCUREL® highly filled additive masterbatches provide significant cost advantages to compounders and converters. 

With the entire portfolio based on our organic chemistry or organo-modified siloxanes, we provide customized, and more ecological solutions for many different complex plastic technologies along the entire plastic industry’s value chain.

Our customers rely on our additives as performance enhancers or processing aids to meet their performance, efficiency, and environmental requirements in several diverse industries, including:

  • Automotive – composites, high-quality appearance and scratch resistance plastics
  • Renewable Energy - lightweight, stable and durable composites
  • Packaging – antistatic plastics and food contact
  • Electronics - improving thermal conductivity and the flame protection of cables
  • Consumer goods – Stain prevention and haptic enhancers
  • Recycling – odor removal from recycled plastics  
  • Flame retardant plastics – enabling flame resistant solutions independently of the base material
  • E-mobility – lightweight composites and high-temperature-resistant and flame-retardant components

From raw material modification, right up to offering various additive masterbatches, we can support you with customized products to meet your specific compounding and converting process requirements, today and in the future!

Modern solutions for the Rubber Industry

Used world­wide in many applications, mechanical rubber goods are easily distinguished by their high durability, flexibility and moldability. To fully optimize the properties of rub­ber, Evonik's process auxiliaries  facilitate the production and processing of our customers' rubber goods.

Process addi­tives, varying from sliding polymers for window profiles to release agents for dif­ferent rubber hoses or molded rubber parts, Evonik offers a wide portfolio of solutions. Through our many years of experience, global presence and innovative strength, we offer value to our industrial cus­tomers based on close  global col­laboration.

Trust Evonik to provide the solutions that enhance your performance and help you optimize your production processes. Under the brand name TEGOSIL®, we supply liquid silicone rubber / high consistency rubber and cool fillers for hot materials including:  

  • Homogeneous pastes - non-toxic and highly filled with fillers that significantly improve the thermal conductivity or flame retardancy of products.
  • Functional fillers for laminate rollers to ensure as much heat as possible is transferred from the roller to the laminate and is not lost during the production process.
  • Vehicle gaiters made of silicone rubber using TEGOSIL® meet very stringent fire safety protection standards.
  • E-mobility - TEGOSIL® improves the heat resistance and durability of the seals in batteries and other power electronics.
  • Electronics - NANOPOX® and Polymer VS additives conduct heat away from the processor.

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