Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas

Evonik’s additives improve the performance of several different metal, mining and oil and gas processing applications. From powerful absorbents to remove acid gasses, refinery additives that repurpose petroleum by-product contaminants in the petrochemical value chain, to the removal of heavy metals from combustion plant and electroplating wastewater, our innovative solutions enhance the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Increasing environmental regulations across the globe have required the 'clean up’ of many industrial applications to reduce and remove pollutants in wastewater and CO2 emissions through less energy intensive, more efficient processes. Evonik’s TEGO® Sulpho release agents, TEGO® Antifoams, TMT 15® and CAPLUS® specialty amines alongside our decades of experience support our metals, mining and oil & gas processing customers to meet their performance and environmental targets.

High-performance refinery additives

Our refinery additives deliver the high-performance our customers need for eliminating contaminants from petroleum by-product gases. TEGO® Sulpho release agents and TEGO® Antifoams enhance the elimination and repurposing of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) contaminants found in the by-product gases, and raw natural gasses from petroleum processing.

TEGO® Sulpho release agents enhance production and guarantee the final quality and hemispherical shape of the sulphur pastilles to leave only the lowest amount of water in the final product enabling easy removal from the conveyor belts.

With increasing requirements for industrial sulphur pastillizing, our unique partnership with IPCO esnures our outstanding TEGO® Sulpho 2 technology remains the benchmark in terms of efficiency and performance and the choice for professional, economic and efficient sulphur pastillation.

We know how to treat acid gasses

CAPLUS® is our powerful chemical absorbent that enables our customers to reduce operational costs and increase the reliability and performance of their acid gas removal units (AGRUs). Our CAPLUS® specialty amine is based on Evonik's advanced competencies in amine chemistry, and the first of a brand-new generation of acid gas removal solvents.

As a drop-in solution for the treatment of CO2- and H2S-containing streams for natural gas, syngas and biogas applications, CAPLUS® offers a superior performance, higher energy efficiency and the potential for an increase in plant capacity.

Our TEGO® Antifoams enhance the gas sweetening process by reducing or completely removing any foam from the amine gas treatment process. Backed by access to Evonik’s vast platform of interfacial chemistry, customers looking to enhance their amine gas treating processes can achieve excellent foam knock down properties and high long-term efficiency with our solutions.

Wastewater solutions to meet latest environmental regulations

Our ready-to-use TMT 15® provides an environmentally friendly solution for separating and removing heavy metals from the wastewater from numerous industrial applications. Mainly used for wastewater treatment in combustion plants including incineration, special/hazardous waste incineration plants, coal fired power stations, flue gas scrub and condense water treatment and alkaline scrubbers, other examples for the success of TMT 15® also include the metal industry for electroplating shops and printed circuit boards,  and other industries with heavy metal wastewater challenges such as the chemicals, mining/smelter and photo industries.  

Contact us to learn why our customers across the globe have relied on our additive solutions for decades to clean up their metals, mining and oil & gas processing.

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