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Evonik offers modern release coatings for hygiene applications and formulations that are widely used to produce cosmetic ingredients.

Hygiene applications

Our TEGO® RC Silicones are used as a functional release coating for all kinds of plastic materials that are used to produce self-adhesive hygiene products like diaper tapes and feminine care products.

Diaper Tapes

A reliable and easy-to-use closure system is a key element for all diaper applications and TEGO® RC Silicones have been used for several generations of diaper tapes now. Beginning with paper tapes to simple multi-layer polymeric fastening tapes, and then as an unwind aid of the landing zone tape to loop & hook systems made of polypropylene. Although invisible, our silicone release coatings are essential for the closure systems of both tape and mechanical fastening systems to function properly.

Sanitary Napkins

Following multiple piece packaging, single wrap packaging sanitary napkins and panty liners are popular in today’s feminine hygiene market. Our UV curing silicones offer outstanding compatibility with multiple different adhesives and substrates. The UV technology enables very thin embossed, or flat plastic films with low coat weights to be achieved using just standard coating equipment. Additionally, our TEGO® RC silicones can also be used as release coatings for paper type panty liners and can protect the adhesive on the backside of these.

Other Hygiene Products

There are many self-adhesive products available in the hygiene industry that require a release coating on paper, plastic film, or other substrates such as non-woven. Our technical service team offers support and assistance to our customers to develop specific and customized formulations to meet their market requirements.

Our experienced global TEGO® RC silicones team can support you with

  • Training and assistance in the application and processing of TEGO® RC silicones coatings
  • Technical service during start-up phase and on-going production support
  • Access to our wide network of equipment and machine supplier contacts
  • Innovative developments to ensure you meet future performance and sustainability targets
  • Long-term relationships based on trust, close cooperation and problem solving

Our ingredients for high-performance cosmetic applications

We produce a range of intermediates for the personal care industry. For example, our UV filters are an essential part of ensuring sunscreen and sun-blocker formulations perform. Within our portfolio we offer a range of high-quality intermediates to produce different UV-filters which can be supplied when you need them to any location worldwide.

  • iso-Octyl Chloride (2-Ethylhexyl chloride) is used as an essential intermediate in the synthesis of the highly active broad-spectrum UV absorber Bemotrizinol.
  • Cyanuric Chloride is another key raw material for the synthesis of Bemotrizinol, as well as for Stilbene Optical Brighteners that are used to make cosmetics or detergents appear brighter, whiter and cleaner.
  • 2-Ethylhexylcyanoacetate (2-EHCA) is used as an important building block in the production of Octocrylene, which is one of the most versatile employed UV-absorbents. Additionally, it acts as a stabilizer for other UV-filters like Avobenzene. Octocrylene is one of the few UV-absorbents approved by the FDA. Our 2-EHCA possess high quality with extremely low yellowness.
  • 3,3,5-Trimethylcyclohexanol mix (Tm C o l) is used to produce Homosalate, a chemical UV-filter used to improve the performance in a range of different sunscreen products.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ALCOHOLS (1,2-PENTANEDIOL AND  1,2,6-HEXANETRIOL) for skin care formulations increase the water-binding capability of the skin. Additionally, those alcohols possess antimicrobial properties and can be employed as preservatives.

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