We are committed to providing specialty additives to the agricultural industry for tank mix adjuvants and in-can additives for conventional and biological pesticide formulations.

With an emphasis on innovative solutions, we offer agricultural chemicals based on both siloxane and organic surfactants under the BREAK-THRU® brand name such as spreaders and penetrants, antifoams, dispersants, emulsifiers, and carrier liquids. Our experienced staff of agronomists and interfacial chemistry experts links chemistry with agronomy.

Spreaders and Penetrants

Both BREAK-THRU® spreaders and penetrants decrease the surface tension of pesticide formulations and thereby reduce the tendency of spray droplets to bounce off plant foliage. This effect allows for better deposition and retention on plant surfaces and maximizes the performance of agricultural chemicals and biological/microbial based agrosolutions.

The BREAK-THRU® portfolio of spreaders and penetrants includes biodegradable siloxanes, biocompatible solutions, bio-based products and biosurfactants. Our portfolio includes FiBL (The Research Institutes of Organic Agriculture) and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products.

Oil Enhancers

BREAK-THRU® Oil Enhancers are unique additives designed to improve the performance of oil-based crop protection formulations. The main benefits are:

  • decrease surface tension of oils (spreading)
  • better leaf coverage of oil and solvents
  • accelerated penetration of actives
  • increased uptake of actives
  • stabilization of OD formulations
  • dust control for seed treatment
  • OMRI listed


BREAK-THRU® AF are 100% self-emulsifiable siloxane antifoams that can be used in water based, EC and OD formulations.

Silicone oil

Organic oil

BREAK-THRU® AF (Organomodified Siloxanes)

Highly efficient, low surface tension of ~22 mN/m

Less efficient due to high surface tension ~30 mN/m

Highly efficient, low surface tension of ~23-25 mN/m

Marginally compatible with concentrates

Highly compabtible with concentrates

Highly compabtible with concentrates

Poor stability in concentrates

Good stability in concentrates

High stability in concentrates

Insoluble in foaming media

Minimum influence on shelf life of dilutions

Minimum influence on shelf life of dilutions

Dispersing Agents

BREAK-THRU® DA are designed for formulations with a high load of active ingredients. They provide unique characteristics that make formulations highly stable as they offer 2-in-1 properties (emulsifier and dispersant) in one molecule.


BREAK-THRU® EM products are nonionic, hydrophilic, or lipophilic organic surfactants used for the preparation and stabilization of both oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. BREAK-THRU® EM products balance hydrophilic and lipophilic properties to allow for adjustments  for different applications.

TOMADOL® ethoxylated alcohol surfactants have a dual function in agricultural formulations of increasing the blooming effect of formulations in water,  and enhancing the wetting of hydrophobic surfaces. 

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