Adhesives & Sealants

Evonik’s innovative additives improve the performance and sustainability of special adhesives and sealants solutions.

Our adhesives and sealants customers rely on Evonik as a global supplier with its versatile production facilities and uniquely broad range of chemical tools to develop individual additives and binders. Our solutions range from polymer technologies to toughening aids, nanotechnologies, defoamers or deaerators, and wetting and dispersing aids – whether reactive adhesives and sealants, waterborne adhesives, and sealants, or solventborne adhesives.

Reactive Adhesives and Sealants

One-and two-component reactive adhesives are often used in applications where a bonding with higher strength and, or resistance is required, or where quick curing is needed. Our additives for reactive adhesives and sealants (e.g., epoxides, PUs, acrylics) offers many possibilities to optimize the performance of formulations. Our silane-modified polymers are high quality binders for your hybrid adhesives and sealants. They allow you to develop products that address various applications with a wide range of mechanical properties without hazard labelling.

Water-based Adhesives

Water-based adhesives form a bond between two substrates and once the water within the formulation evaporates or gets absorbed into the substrate, just the adhesive is left behind.  Our portfolio to address water-based adhesive applications includes wetting agents, antifoams, and emulsifiers for the production of adhesive dispersions, as well as additives to improve performance of adhesive formulations. Our additives help to reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior, or improve the dispersion of fillers. Performance adhesives for packaging, laminating, PSA or construction applications can be improved easily using our additives.

Solvent-based Adhesives and Sealants

Solvent-based adhesives are a mixture of polymers and additives dissolved in a solvent. Solvent-based adhesives are used in many different applications for household and industrial adhesives (e.g., gluing of shoe soles, tape production, industrial assembly, and construction applications). Our additives optimize your production processes and improve the performance of adhesives formulations.

With our production sites, specialized test facilities and laboratories in North America, Europe, and Asia, we are where you are to ensure you receive the support and reliable product supply when and where you need it.

Our technical service capabilities for adhesive and sealants customers

  • Technical support and ongoing guidance
  • Versatile testing equipment to test products in accordance to established technical standards
  • Development of tailor-made formulations for selected applications and niche products
  • Customization or individual product development for selected applications and niche products
  • Our mission is to deliver excellent service and create long-term value for our partners by turning our in-depth process knowledge and physicochemical expertise into high performance products and sustainable solutions.

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