Evonik enables the transition from a linear to circular plastics value chain with our additive solutions for the wet and dry stages of the mechanical recycling process of plastics.

Defoaming, wetting, deinking, delabeling, demetalizing, dewatering, odor control, compatibilization. Evonik offers a broad range of products for the mechanical recycling process of plastics. The organo-modified siloxanes and dispersants further help to improve the mechanical properties and the processing of the recycled polymer material.

In the wet stage, Evonik’s specialty additive solutions range from wetting and defoaming to delabeling, demetallizing, deinking and dewatering, wherein the multifunctional TEGO® Cycle WA111 is the most performant product. Our dewatering aid TEGO® Cycle DW 210 helps to reduce the residual water content of your material just before drying, enabling you to significantly cut energy costs through shorter drying cycles.

For the dry stage, Evonik addresses both recyclers and compounders, providing solutions for odor removal and compatibilization together with highly efficient halogen-free polymer processing aids (PPA).

Solutions for a Circular Economy Transforming Waste into Valuable Plastics

Wet Stage

  • Reliable foam control and excellent long-term stability
  • Undesired effects associated with silicone-based antifoams (e.g., spotting, fish eyes) are eliminated in most applications
  • Exceeds customer requirements (e.g. during application of an adhesive)  
  • Self-emulsifying organic antifoam concentrate
  • Destroys foam or prevents foam formation
  • Foam control e.g. in process and wastewater treatment
  • Improves wetting properties of aqueous dispersions on difficult substrates
  • Low foaming, solvent and silicone-free
  • Outperforms conventional wetting agents due to low foaming behavior and fast surface migration
  • Extraordinary reduction of surface tension in aqueous solutions
  • Fast coverage of large hydrophobic surfaces
  • Non-ionic and solvent-free product
  • Biodegradable dewatering aid
  • Reduces water content in plastic flakes after centrifugation or filtration
  • Better use yields ensure lower energy costs for drying

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Dry Stage / Compounding

  • Malodor absorber with a key and locker principle, no covering such as with fragrances
  • Provides good heat stability in the compounding process
  • Especially suitable for polyolefins, rubber compounds and recycled materials
  • Available as PE or PPconcentrate and masterbatch
  • Multifunctional polyester modified siloxane
  • Improves polymer processing (e.g. mold fill/release, internal lubrication, rheology of polymer melt)
  • Improves bulk properties (e.g. impact and tensile strength, reduction of brittleness, hydrophobizing)
  • Improves surface properties (e.g. scratch and wear resistance, lower surface friction, higher surface gloss)
  • Used as a processing additive, compatibilizer and for permanent modification of the polymer properties
  • Reduction of pressure and higher through-put by decrease of viscosity and lubrication
  • Prevention of melt fracture and shark skin effect
  • Improved mold release properties
  • Improves mechanical performance
  • Increase of color strength
  • Higher productivity and lower costs for coloration 
  • Less agglomerates and aggregates
  • Excellent clarity and reduction of speck formation in films or thin molded parts
  • Dispersion of single pigments and tailor-made color concentrates
  • Increase of color strength
  • Reduced costs through a reduction of pigments
  • Suppression of re-agglomeration in downstream processes

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