PVC Production

Evonik’s solutions improve PVC production processes and enable formulation adjustments to ensure we support our customers meet modern market requirements.

Although PVC is one of the oldest polymers, the production process and the formulation must be modified continuously to meet modern market performance requirements.  Our raw materials, additives, and process auxiliaries make it possible to precisely control and adjust formulations to improve PVC resin quality, increase production without the need for major additional investments and ensure regulation compliance.

TEGO® products are well known as process aids in the production of E-PVC and S-PVC. Our emulsifiers and secondary suspension aids help to stabilize the PVC emulsion or suspension, and our TEGO® Antifoams destroy unwanted foam that may slow down the production.

Usable in different production steps (e.g., polymerization, blow down stripping, etc.) we offer a class of products based on different chemistries to meet all your performance and regulatory requirements, and our unique product solutions include:

  • Antifoams: The carefully selected and formulated base materials (organo-modified siloxanes and/or organic oils) for our TEGO® Antifoams provide excellent foam control and maximum compatibility at the same time.
  • Emulsifiers: Our surfactants and polymer emulsifiers work at the interfaces of a dispersion to balance the amphiphilicity.
  • Secondary Suspension Aids: our products aid processing to improve flow behavior and enable the structure of PVC particles to be modified to suit different applications.