Polymer Dispersions

Evonik is a leading supplier of surface-active ingredients and performance additives for multiple polymer dispersions applications.

Our raw materials, additives, and process auxiliaries for numerous polymer dispersions make it possible to precisely control and adjust the behavior of surfaces, including defoaming, wetting, dispersing, and emulsifying. 

Based on our understanding of interfacial chemistry, we are actively developing new molecules which can offer special application properties by themselves or in formulations. Our ability to run tests according to our customers’ needs in our Tech Service Labs creates a perfect base for a strong partnership with producers or formulators of polymer dispersions – for various applications like adhesives, the production of PVC or paper coating and paper impregnation.

Our unique and strong portfolio includes

  • Coagulants: Our coagulants are used for the thermo-sensitization of latices and can be used on their own or in combination with salt coagulation. General advantages of thermo-coagulation with our polymer coagulants are the combination with salt coagulation to achieve very thick films
  • Defoamers / Antifoams: The carefully selected and formulated base materials (organo-modified siloxanes and/or organic oils) for our defoamer and antifoams provide excellent foam control and maximum compatibility at the same time. The well-balanced raw material base leads to a wide range of excellent polymer defoamers, suitable for a multitude of industry applications.
  • Dispersing agents: Our dispersing agents are surface-active ingredients, which ease the incorporation of pigments and fillers into a liquid. Agglomerates are broken up by shearing whereby new surfaces are created. They are wetted by dispersing agents which stabilize the aggregates of pigments or fillers.
  • Emulsifiers: Our surfactants and polymer emulsifiers work at the interfaces of a dispersion to balance the amphiphilicity.
  • Thickeners: Our thickeners are used to increase the viscosity of dispersions, but also to adjust their rheological profiles, required for certain types of application processes. Our TEGO® Rheo additives, associative polyurethane thickeners, provide either Newtonian or pseudoplastic flow behavior.
  • Wetting Agents: Our wetting agents are used to achieve very different effects, ranging from the wetting of critical substrates, for example, label applications, to the wetting of fillers in construction adhesives or to enlarge open times of formulated adhesives.

We continue to develop and improve our products and technologies, thanks to the outstanding research and technical service laboratories at our headquarter in Essen, Germany, and at our subsidiaries in Hopewell, Virginia, USA, and Shanghai, China.

How to optimize your latex dipping process

Learn how to manage typical challenges in the latex dipping process like thin spots, pinholes, frog-hands, a poor compound stability or a high compound viscosity. With the solutions from Evonik you don‘t have to worry about any of these issues and will benefit from stable processing and clean products.

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