High-performance additives from Evonik take plastics to the next level and enable better recycling of plastics.

Avoiding plastic waste, using environment-friendly materials, making efficient use of resources and energy and improving the quality of life: These are some of the trends that coming generations will have to deal with to a much greater extent. To tackle these challenges, new sustainable high-performance materials with a reduced impact on the environment will be key.

High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where our additives TEGOMER®, TEGOPREN® and ACCUREL® come in to enable such solutions.

Performance solutions for plastics 

Our broad portfolio of liquid and solid products for plastics includes additives, additive masterbatches and porous carriers for additives. Our solutions for plastics and polymers are based on organic chemistry or organo-modified siloxanes, providing solutions for many different plastic technologies along the plastic industry’s value chain – mainly from polymer and additive manufacturer, masterbatcher to compounder and converter, and also recycler.

From raw material modification, right up to offering various additive masterbatches, we can support you in your compounding and converting processes.

Our additives can be used as performance enhancers or processing aids and are adjustable to meet the needs of multiple industries including automotive, packaging, electronics, cables, and consumer goods. Recycling, flame retardant plastics, e-mobility or packaging products with specific requirements are just some of the areas we look forward to discussing with you to ensure you can overcome the challenges you face today and in the future!

  • Solutions for the masterbatcher:
    As a masterbatcher, you can count on our support to ensure that your product quality and overall cost performance is strong. Our high temperature resistant dispersants enable you to achieve the best color enhancement, reduce fibre breaks and avoid lacing in polyolefin and engineering resins.
  • Solutions for the compounder:
    As a compounder you can take advantage from our extensive range of additives to improve performance in fire resistance, melt flow or antiscratch behavior. You can also experience processing additives for cost optimization potential in your own production processes.
  • Solutions for the converter:
    Converters from the film, packaging, foam or molding industry can fulfill their needs for antistatic, antifog, demolding efficiency or antiscratch performance by using highly filled additive masterbatches to overcome regulatory hurdles with halogen-free polymer processing aids.

Enabling circularity – our solutions for mechanical recycling of plastics  

Defoaming, wetting, deinking, delabeling, dewatering, odor control and compatibilization. We offer a broad range of products along the entire value chain of the mechanical recycling process. Our TEGO® Sorb additives are plant-based materials that counteracts the development of odors even in low concentrations. The material works in accordance with the lock and key principle. Odors are not merely masked, instead TEGO® Sorb irreversibly binds the odor-causing molecules. Furthermore, our organo-modified siloxanes and dispersants further help to improve the mechanical properties and the processing of the recycled polymer material.

How our technical service helps your products perform better

Our global Plastics Technical Pilot Plant & Technology Service Center in Essen, Germany supports customers from the filler & pigment, masterbatch, compounding and converter industry in the development of new recipes for thermoplastic, thermoset, and elastomer applications.

Compounding and reactive extrusion, molding of thermoplastics and silicone rubber are our core competences alongside blow and cast film extrusion lines. These are just some examples of what is available to test the powerful additive performance according to industry standards.

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