Medical, Dentistry & Pharmaceuticals

Evonik offers a wide portfolio of high-performance solutions to meet the complex requirements for the medical, dentistry and pharmaceutical markets.

The needs of today’s healthcare industry has changed significantly in recent years with demographic development leading to an increase in demand for innovative healthcare products based on silicones. Due to its physical properties, silicone provides increased biocompatibility, hypoallergenic, bio durability, flexibility, sterilizability, stability, lubricity and bacterial resistance to a diverse range of medical applications from dentistry applications such as component fillings or artificial teeth, breast care, cushioning gels and adhesives used for wound treatment and skin care, to composite fillers, otology, podology and prosthesis and many more.

POLYMER VS series – Addition curing silicones

Our high-performance silicone toolkit enables our customers to create individual formulations to closely match modern medical market demands, plus we offer much more than just a product. With our extensive technical experience, technical service and guide formulations we also provide our customers with important insights for applications like dental impression or molding materials, adhesives for wound care applications or silicone formulations for cushioning gels, prostheses, podology and otology applications.

NANOCRYL® D series - Nanoparticle modified acrylates

Our NANOCRYL® D products help to increase the service life of expensive dental prostheses by providing much higher filler content with low viscosities in combination with conventional filler material. This smooth surface improves appearance, abrasion resistance and toughness enhancing the lifetime of the filling, and the reduction in cure shrinkage means gaps are less likely to form reducing the risk of secondary tooth decay.