Masterbatches & Additive Carriers

Evonik masterbatch and carrier solutions enable easier processing to ensure excellent final product quality and a strong cost performance.

Our broad portfolio of additive masterbatches and porous carriers for additives is based on organic chemistry, or organo-modified siloxanes which enables us to provide solutions for many different plastic technologies along the Plastic Industry’s value chain. Our additive masterbatches ensure easy processing of performance additives to support you in your compounding and converting processes.

Our masterbatch solutions include

  • Color MB and liquid colorant dispersants
  • Antistatic agents
  • Antifogging additives
  • Slip agents   
  • Antiblocking additives  
  • UV stabilizers   
  • Odor adsorbers   
  • Processing aids

As a masterbatcher, you can count on our support to ensure that your product quality and your overall cost performance is strong. Our high temperature resistant dispersants enable you to achieve the best color enhancement, reduce fiber breaks and avoid lacing in polyolefin and engineering resins.

Recommended Downloads for Masterbatches & Additive Carriers

Recommended Downloads for Masterbatches & Additive Carriers