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Evonik offers a broad range of wetting agents and lubricity enhancers that boost lubrication performance and processing for a wide variety of transmission oil and Industrial fluids, gathering decades of technical expertise.

Efficiency meets compatibility

When it comes to our solutions for high-performance fluid formulations we offer efficiency and compatibility. In applications such as high-speed grinding, some metalworking fluid emulsions barely reach the contact point between tool and workpiece leading to insufficient lubrication, excessive wear and higher processing costs.

Our wetting agents, or wetting surfactants, help to avoid this problem by increasing lubrication directly at the contact point. Based on both organomodified siloxane (OMS) and purely organic chemistry, our wetting agents show excellent performance in oil-based and water-based metalworking fluids and are applicable in metal cleaner formulations too. Our organo- siloxane wetting agents perform exceptionally well in reducing the surface tension of metalworking fluid emulsions, and our alcohol alkoxylates although slightly less effective compared to our siloxane-based wetting agents, they can withstand extreme conditions like high or low pH values, as well as lowering the foaming tendency compared to simple sulfosuccinates. 

Key product recommendations to improve lubrication 

  • TEGO® Surten W 111 - improves wetting properties of water-miscible lubricants and provides excellent dispersing properties on finely ground metal swarf as well as on fine iron and carbon black particles produced during cast iron machining
  • TEGOPREN® 5840 - allows extraordinary dynamic reduction of surface tension that leads to super-spreading properties on treated hydrophobic surfaces
  • SURFYNOL® 2502 - provides an optimal balance between dynamic wetting, high water solubility and low foaming

Performance boosting lubricity enhancers  

Mineral-based oils are increasingly being substituted by higher quality base oils to reduce the number of aromatic constituents, but consequently it has become more difficult to incorporate additives in neat oils and emulsifiable metalworking fluid concentrates. To overcome this, we have developed a broad range of additives that can be used with modern base oils in application areas such as transmission oil & industrial fluids. Not only do they provide excellent lubricity by improving properties for good solvency for lipophilic/crystalline components, but they also offer a very high polarity and low spreadability while improving the long-term and low-temperature stability of neat oils and emulsifiable metal working fluids concentrates.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Diamine complexes
  • Synthetic ester oils derivatives
  • Polyglycerol fatty acids
  • Polyglycol esters

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