Evonik TEGO® RC Silicones offer highly functional release coatings for all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) labels. Pressure sensitive labels play an important role in our lives and today’s economy. From simple logistics labels to decorative labels with highly aesthetic appeal, our TEGO® RC Silicones offer many performance advantages for the production and application of label products, both with and without a liner.

Due to its energy efficient UV technology, curing of the release coating takes place at room temperature. This means no stress to the substrate and allows all manner of heat sensitive materials, like thin filmic liners or thermal papers to be used. TEGO® RC Silicones enable paper substrates to keep their humidity while ensuring excellent lay-flat behavior as well providing solutions to all kinds of performance parameters needed in the final label applications.

Benefits of RC Silicones for label applications  

  • Adjustable release values from premium to controlled release
  • Fast and robust cure for in-line adhesive applications
  • Enables high-speed siliconizing
  • Compatible with a broad range of adhesive types and dispensing applications
  • Can be used on a wide variety of filmic or paper surfaces including recycled materials, bio-based films and printed substrates
  • Approval for food contact is possible (ISEGA, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)/ FCN (Food Contact substance Notification))

TEGO® RC solutions for standard labels

Label design places different requirements on the release coating which is key to ensuring a robust production process and application of the labels. Release force is also important, which in the past was typically in the range of medium to easy, however, as manufacturers reduce material to lower waste, labels are getting thinner. Thinner label faces are prone to being more fragile and demand even lower release properties for matrix stripping after die cutting.

In addition, the reduced stiffness of the facestock requires premium release forces for safe automatic label dispensing. TEGO® RC Silicones provide premium release qualities to ensure safe high-speed converting and label application, especially for automatic label dispensing. In addition, they are compatible with a broad range of adhesive types.

Our global RC Silicone team can support you with

  • Training and assistance in application and processing of our TEGO® RC Silicones coating
  • Technical service during start-up phase and on-going production support
  • Utilize our wide network of contacts to equipment and machine suppliers
  • Innovative developments for future challenges
  • Long-term relationships based on trust

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