Gas Sweetening

Evonik's broad range of powerful chemical absorbents enable the removal and treatment of acid gases to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes.

CAPLUS® is our powerful chemical absorbent that enables our customers to reduce operational costs and increase the reliability and performance of their acid gas removal units (AGRUs). The newly developed CAPLUS® specialty amine is based on Evonik's advanced competencies in amine chemistry, and the first of a brand-new generation of acid gas removal solvents.

CAPLUS® is a high-performance solvent that offers a drop-in solution for the treatment of CO2- and H2S-containing streams for natural gas, syngas, and biogas applications. CAPLUS® offers a superior performance by lower foaming, less corrosion and solvent degradation, higher energy efficiency and the potential for capacity increases. Alongside our high-quality service, CAPLUS® offers significant value compared to the blend methyldiethanolamine/piperazine (MDEA-PZ), commonly used in AGRUs.

Our TEGO® Antifoams enhance the gas sweetening process by reducing, or completely removing any foam from the amine gas treatment process. Backed by access to Evonik’s vast platform of interfacial chemistry, customers looking to enhance their amine gas treating processes can choose two possible solutions to achieve excellent foam knock down properties and high long-term efficiency:

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1-85, a 10% active emulsion based on silicone oils and OMS (organo-modified siloxanes) with a particularly wide application range of pH values between 3-13
  • TEGO® Antifoam 1488, a 20% active emulsion completely based on OMS

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