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Evonik offers sustainable and comprehensive additive solutions for films especially in the flexible packaging market. We also offer unique products that improve fiber and sheet production.

To meet the flexible packaging market trend and support our customers adapt to potential regulatory pressure, we launched our polymer processing aids (PPA), TEGOMER® 6810 (for PE) and TEGOMER® 6850 (for PP). Both are organo-modified siloxanes (OMS) on polyolefin carriers that work as suitable replacements for fluorine-based polymer processing aids to eliminate shark skin appearance on films. TEGOMER® 6810 and TEGOMER® 6850 do not contain any halogens and both enable a significant reduction of the coefficient of friction (COF) while permanently improving slip performance. There is no transfer of the additives to the opposite layer of the film which prevents any loss in adhesive force or a reduction in sealing strength.

TEGOMER® 6810 and TEGOMER® 6850 both prevent die built up educing the need for cleaning stops and maintenance. Supplied as a ready to use masterbatch, it can be directly used on film production lines or injection molding devices.

Our ACCUREL® GA 300 additive is a mixture of vegetable-based glycerol monostearate with >90 % monoglyceride content and polypropylene (PP) homopolymer. ACCUREL® GA 300 is a haptic enhancer for PP fibers and at the same time a fast-working antistatic agent for PP films, sheets, or injection molded parts. The active ingredient migrates to the surface and upon exposure to air humidity it provides an antistatic effect that lasts up to 6 months. ACCUREL® GA 300 can add hydrophilicity to polypropylene fibers and nonwovens and enhance their haptic properties. ACCUREL® GA 300 can be also used as release agent for injection molded parts and as cell stabilizer for PP foams.

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