Fibers for Textile

Evonik’s broad technology platform and customized solutions for the highly diversified textile and fiber glass auxiliary’s market, ensures our customers meet their desired performance in process and treatment applications.

As experts in interfacial phenomena at both the surface and within the matrix, our superwetting organic specialty surfactants and organo-modified siloxanes, well-equipped textile and fiber composite lab and technical expertise, we provide a unique position with our specialty additives.

Our additives cover a diverse range of applications, from wetting & spreading agents, antifoams, repellents, and odor absorbers, to softeners, fiber filament protectants, leather treatment, and much more. When it comes to supporting our customers meet complex performance and sustainability requirements, we aim to leave no rock unturned!

Our Versatile Solutions for Fibers

  • Wetting and Spreading Agents: Based on organo-modified siloxanes chemistry, our TEGOPREN® products are primarily characterized by their multifunctionality and offer wetting and de-wetting, levelling, lubrication, defoaming, emulsifying, softening and dispersing, or coagulating properties. As a result of the siloxane component TEGOPREN® products are highly surface active and can support in the reduction of surface tension.
  • Our DYNOL™ organic surfactants and SURFYNOL® gemini-surfactants offer low-foam, superwetting and coalescing properties for difficult-to-wet substrates. The high molecular weight and maximal flexibility of these unique multifunctional additives help to stabilize or spread interfaces through superior dynamic surface tension reduction, making them ideal for a wide range of mineral and glass fiber applications.
  • Defoaming: Our TEGO® Antifoam specialties include high-performance anti-foams, organic oils, siloxanes and molecular based technologies offering a spectrum of tailored foam control solutions for a broad range of systems and applications.
  • Multifunctional Sizing Additives: Under the SiREWOQUAT®, REWOPAL®, REWOPOL®, TEGO® Addibit product families we offer different functional processing agents from quaternary ammonium compounds to amido amine-based chemistries to support our customers wetting, emulsifying and dispersing needs.
  • Our SITREN® CSA multifunctional additive is essentially an alkyl imidazoline derivative flake compatible with non-ionic and cationic surfactants which functions as a lubricant, helping to homogenize and disperse fiber, particularly suitable for textile fiber glass.
  • Protection Agents: Our products have a wide range of properties such as emulsifiers or antistatic agents that help to protect both the machine, and the fiber filaments.
  • Emulsifiers: Our complete range of TOMADOL® Ethoxylated Alcohol surfactants are made from linear synthetic alcohols and are labeled to indicate the chemical structure of the surfactant
  • Repellents: TEGOTEX® RT improve the soil and water repellency of a diverse range of textiles and fabrics, but do not contain any fluorocarbons or flammable liquids making them suitable for meeting complex label and sustainability requirements
  • Softeners: Our extensive portfolio of softeners TEGOTEX® CS enables fabrics to maintain a soft, smooth or voluminous finish while also retaining hydrophilicity
  • Denim Protection: Our TEGOTEX® UV provides outstanding UV protection in low concentrations to stop fading and protect the wearers skin, and is specially designed to maintain light and bright-colored fabrics
  • Odor Absorber: TEGO Sorb® permanently removes odors from textiles and fabrics by chemically binding malodor causing substances together preventing them from penetrating the material
  • Leather Treatment: Our specialty additives help to enhance the properties of leather products to improve the finished look and feel and increase overall durability.

Since 1847 formulators and manufacturers have trusted Evonik’s innovations, choosing our additives as main ingredients and formulation aids for improving the processability and properties of textile and fiber products. With our extensive chemical toolbox of wetting agents, defoamers, antistatic agents, emulsifiers and other surfactants we can offer the right additive for various processing and treatment formulations to help you differentiate from competitors.

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