Evonik offers a comprehensive portfolio of additives for water-based, reactive and solvent-based adhesives.

With our broad range of additives, performance enhancers, selected binder systems and base materials, we offer solutions for all kinds of adhesives and sealants.

Our TEGO® Antifoam products are used in the production of polymer dispersions as well as in adhesive formulations. Many aqueous adhesives tend to foam due to their chemical composition which can complicate the production process. However, just by adding a very small amount of our TEGO® Antifoam you can increase the speed of production and avoid defects which eliminates waste and reduces production costs.

Wetting Agents
To ensure the adhesive is spread fully across the surface, wetting agents play an important role in adhesive formulations. We offer different kinds of products based on our versatile technologies of organomodified siloxanes, organic chemistry and acetylenic technology. We also provide special wetting agents with low foaming tendencies.

Dispersing Agents
Our dispersing agents are surface-active ingredients, which ease the incorporation of pigments and fillers into a liquid. Agglomerates are broken up by shearing so new surfaces are created. They are then wetted by dispersing agents which help to stabilize the aggregates of pigments or fillers.

Rheology modifier
Thickeners are not only used to adjust the viscosity of an adhesive formulation, but also to influence the flow behavior of the adhesive which is important for the final application. For this purpose, we provide associative PUR thickeners, giving either Newtonian or pseudoplastic flow behavior.

Binder systems
Our toolboxes for Silane-Modified-Polymers and 1c or 2c silicones enable our customerd to design their own and individual solutions for reactive adhesives.

Performance enhancers
Reactive resin modifiers and nanosilica composites can optimize selected properties like strength, fatigue or flexibility of various reactive adhesive systems.

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